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The trilogy is complete!
The Smoke Series are a smoking hot trilogy with fun twists, dark secrets and edge-of-your-seat drama.
Nothing is as it seems and none of the huge cast of characters behave as you would expect…

Juniper Mills and Kyle Paxton are as different as Red and Blue America. He is a San Francisco inventor of micro-cameras and she a Michigan museum curator of Celtic art. With refrains of suicide, rape, and misogyny, the Smoke Series tackles a lot without losing its entertainment value. 

On paper, Kyle and Juniper are opposites who should never be together, but they are unable to stay away. Navigating a long-distance relationship takes work and creativity but navigating the tension between true love and its modern interpretation is an even bigger challenge.


The highly-anticipated Finding Juniper picks up where Juniper Smoke left off. From Ann Arbor Michigan to San Francisco in the Juniper Smoke, to London and Ireland in Finding Juniper, catch up with Juniper and Kyle on this breathless journey of what unconditional love means. Available now!



Will Consume you


"Juniper Smoke will consume you, take your time with reading it because it is so worth it. You will want to absorb it all and pay close attention to everything that is happening. 

It’s captivating, well written and intelligent. Sadia has put an incredible amount of research into this story. The details and the history were a fun element to read."

In my top 3 books

"Sadia’s writing compels us to visualize ourselves as both Kyle and Juniper-becoming them-living their lives as if they where our own-as well as make decisions along with them. I loved it! The emotions that ran with both Kyle and Juniper, as well as Cypress touched me in ways only one other book has ever touched me!"


"There is so much to love, I want to yell from the rooftops for everyone to read it! Juniper might be one of the sassiest, wittiest and smartest heroines I have read in a long time. She is simply a breath of fresh air. And Kyle Paxton, where do I even begin. In a sea of billionaire bachelors and dark heroes, he is a standout."




Everyone has a story to tell. I am humbled when anyone—a stranger, friend or loved one—reads what I wrote. So, thank you!

Sadia Ash works in TV story development and moonlights as a sushi monster and novelist in her not-so-free time. Currently working on the development of three TV shows, including The Memory of Water and Paint by Murder, She holds an MA English degree from Loyola University in Chicago, a Screenwriting Certificate from UCLA and Masters in English Literature from NUML University. She lives in California and misses her hometown Chicago, but not the snow.


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